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Introduction: EMAIL

I beg your pardon? - EMAIL?

The name is short for  Environment Management And Information Liaison. Or: working at the cutting edge of Environment, Management and Information.

Our company is active under several names, with matching web domains, each focused on a specific part of our activities:

EMAIL Managementadvisering Management consultancy for governmental organizations and companies.

-Project- and Program management;
-Quality management;
-Process improvement;
-Document management and Information management.

EMAIL Milieubeleidsadvies Management- and Policy consultancy for Dutch governmental organizations, including environmental information management.

-Improvement of policy instruments;
-Policy Monitoring & Evaluation;
-Communication with environmental sectors;
-Environmental Impact Assessment and -Reports;
-Life Cycle Assessment, Mass Flow Accountancy.

EMAIL Environmental Policy Management- and Policy consultancy for international and supra-national governmental organizations, including information management.
  -Environmental statistics;
-Environmental indicators and Sustainable Development Indicators;
-Capacity building for Envionmental Protection Agencies.
SoundCooperation Team Coaching, Team Building, Company outings and Company parties

For these activities we have a separate site:

SoundCooperation offers two main team building concepts:

-BandBuilding: Top level team building / -training for small teams (5-10 pax);
-BusinessBoost: Medium level team building for larger groups (10-50 pax);